It all started with Fanny’s
passion for good food.

Growing up in her parent's restaurant in Paris, cooking was always a fundamental part of Fanny Schreiber’s life.  Her passion for quick and healthy food began when she had her two boys. She just wasn't prepared to compromise.

Hannes opened up a whole
new world of dipping possibilities

Fanny often made houmous and tahini for her family. One evening, over dinner with the globetrotting gourmet Hannes Winkelbauer, the pair hit upon the idea of producing their own line of delicious dips. Hannes not only knew how to get the idea to market, but also understood what people wanted.

Fanny and Hannes set to work
and burned the midnight oil.

They pulled out all the stops in their quest to find the perfect ingredients and the best recipes, working through the night to find just the right balance – laughing, cursing and drinking wine. Fanny’s family were always willing taste testers.

Nutrition and taste
were equally important

When developing their recipes, the selection of only the finest ingredients was by no means the sole criteria. Balanced nutritional values were also a must to be able to offer products that were as tasty as they were healthy.  Not least because kids are so fond of eating dips.

A fantastic relationship with
our production manager

Dror shared our passion for houmous and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. He also knew how to produce it in a way which would ensure that every deli dip product tasted just like it had been made in the kitchen at home.

It all had to
taste homemade

When the test phase was finally over and the first dips were ready for tasting it became very clear that Dror had been the right choice. The dips tasted exactly as they had in Fanny’s kitchen, and that’s exactly what they set out to achieve.

Quality is also the
key to our future

To ensure that our products consistently meet the same high levels of quality, we carry out strict controls on a regular basis. Of course we’ll continue to use the best ingredients and use processes which preserve their flavour and nutrition – just like we’d do at home.

As we grow, so
does our responsibility

We strongly believe that we can achieve anything as part of a team. So we take pride in the honest and fair working conditions which we provide for our core team and all our employees. The recyclable packaging which we use is also part of our commitment to responsible practices.