Falaffel schatten

Hummus falafel combo pack

And here it is, our simple hummus calculation: chickpeas are packed with valuable nutrients such as proteins, iron and vitamin C, to name only the most prominent. Falafel are made from chickpeas and hummus is made from chickpeas. Now if you’re dipping hummus with falafel you get all the good stuff times 2.  Now wait for it: deli dip hummus and falafel are also really delicious!

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Hummus falafel combo pack

A fun and healthy snack dipping combo pack

Our hummus-falafel combo pack

Since hundred of years Hummus and Falafel are a truly unbeatable team. And what the higher culinary powers have joined together, we shall not put asunder, as we all know. That's why we put our two popular products in a combo pack especially for you. One portion dipping and enjoying coming up.

Nutritional info / 100g

Brennwert              2834 kJ  % der RM
oder 682,1 kcal 34%
Eiweiß 43,4 g 62%
Fett 31,4 g 45%
gesättigte Fettsäuren 4,8 g 24%
Ballaststoffe 30,4 g 100%
Kohlenhydrate 43,5 g 16%
davon Zucker 4,2 g 5%
Salz 2,5 mg 41%